You are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made... Psalm 139:14

About Us



God's Beautiful Girls is a Faith based organization that seeks to inspire and empower women and young girls to embrace their true beauty, remind them of God's great love for them and His purpose for their lives.

Why the name? Because we belong to God and He made us and created us Beautifully. Just like you will always be Daddy’s Girl no matter how old you are. We will forever be God’s Beautiful Girls.

God's Beautiful Girls started out as a mentoring program for pre-teen and teen ladies to help build self-esteem and embrace their true beauty based on what God said about them. Over the years it has evolved into a movement for women who may have forgotten what God has said about them due to: heartbreak, loss of a job, fertility issues, abuse, anxiety, depression, being single over 30, or being unhappy with their body. 

This dynamic organization is led by Tamisha Ottley. Tamisha Loves God and has a heart for women and young girls who feel as though they are not enough as they are or somehow feel that their value has diminished because of past mistakes. 

Tamisha overcame her own struggles with her body image and wanting to change who she was to fit into a very narrow beauty standard that is often displayed in the media.  She got the revelation from God's word in Psalm 139:14 "... I am fearfully and wonderfully made." This was one of the scriptures that she used to embrace all aspects of herself even at a size 14 or 16.

One thing that she realized and wants other women to realize is that God made us with intricate detail on purpose. If we criticize our bodies or talents because they don't look like someone else's then we are insulting the God who created us to be unique masterpieces. True beauty lies in the love you share, the talents and gifts you have and the way you treat others. Remember we are Beautiful because we are His, no matter the body size, hair texture, complexion, height, or past mistakes. Romans 8:39 reminds us that " Nothing can separate us from the love of God." Once we remember who we are according to the Word of God, we can boldly do what God calls us to do.

Tamisha was born and raised in the U.S. Virgin Islands and is now residing in Maryland, where she has spent the past 17 years.